Conceptual. Motivated. Aesthetic.


Olivia Schlaepfer

Just after my major in visual communication arts from the Schule für Gestaltung Basel, I have interned at the web oriented graphic agency egue in Bordeaux as well as at the ad agency TBWA in Zurich.

I then joined the /DEPARTMENT team, with which I have gained lots of experience in several interesting and big projects.

After a great time with /DEPARTMENT, I have started to work for the advertising agency FCB Zuerich. The agency fostered my conceptual skills as an art director. I am currently working at CRK, a full service agency where I can show all my skills and help to develop the agency.

Besides my daily business activities, I have quite a few stakes in personal creative work. Such as ARTHUR, a well-known event during Art Basel.

My creative approach - no matter the medium - is to find the idea that not only tells a story, but is also attractive at the same time.






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